What makes Tax Armory different?

At Tax Armory, we pride ourselves in professional service.     When you contact us, you will speak with a licensed professional immediately.    Do not waste your time talking with a tax consultant/salesperson.     Speak with a licensed professional BEFORE you sign a contract.   We want to work out the best resolution possible for you, but we will not waste your time and money with empty promises based only on hope.   We will listen to your story and provide you with a Battle Plan.

What is a Licensed Tax Professional?

A Licensed Tax Professional means an Attorney, Certified Public Accountant, or Enrolled Agent.    You can appoint a Licensed Tax Professional to represent you before the IRS and State Revenue Agencies, by executing a Power of Attorney form.    When the Power of Attorney is filed the Licensed Tax Professional can handle communication and negotiate on your behalf.    At Tax Armory, you will speak with a Licensed Tax Professional immediately upon initial contact.

What is a Power of Attorney used for?

When you appoint a Licensed Tax Professional to represent you, a Power of Attorney form is used.    Once filed, the professional can access your tax transcripts for review.    The professional can speak to IRS on your behalf.   The IRS must stop calling you and speak to your representative.    The IRS will also send copies of notices to your professional.

The Power of Attorney form is your shield.  Let a Tax Armory Professional deal with the phone calls and letters.

How much do you charge?

Contact Tax Armory free of charge.   Tell us your story.   A Licensed Tax Professional will listen.  You have nothing to lose.

Before you sign up for any of our services, you need a Battle Plan.    For just $99 you can appoint a Licensed Tax Professional with a Power of Attorney.   The professional will pull your transcripts and schedule a one hour conference, in person or by phone.   At that conference you develop your Battle Plan.    You will get a written opinion advising you what steps to take.    You will have the option to hire Tax Armory to implement your Battle Plan, or you can handle the matter on your own.

The Battle Plan is yours for only $99.    A price quote for services will be provided at the conference.

Do I qualify for an Offer in Compromise?

The Offer in Compromise program is designed to settle tax debts.   However, everyone does not qualify.   Do not sign a contract for Offer in Compromise representation based upon empty “pennies on the dollar” promises.   Speak with a Tax Armory Professional first.  We will ask the important questions and let you know if you may qualify.