There is an old saying that there are two things certain in life: death and taxes.     Taxes will always be with you.   Tax Armory will be there to.   Whether you just need to file a return every year, deal with an audit, or negotiate an offer in compromise, we can help.   Here at Tax Armory we want to provide service with excellence and value so that you will want to come back to us with future problems or questions if the arise.

We believe our philosophy sets us apart from other tax resolution companies who sign you up for a contract, complete the contract, and send you on your way without much concern with whether the solution is permanent or not.        At Tax Armory we will get you the optimal solution to your tax troubles.  But we also want you to know where you stand.  If over time, life presents you with a challenge, such as a layoff, career change, or medical complication, which threatens your tax resolution plan, we want you to feel confident coming back to us.    Let Tax Armory be your refuge when the bully threatens.

We believe that Tax Armory offers the high-tech tools to act quickly on your behalf.   We can deliver a Power of Attorney for you to sign online so that we can pull your transcript information.   Let us run a diagnosis for you BEFORE you sign up for our resolution services.

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