Success Stories

We’ve all encountered a bully at some point in our lives. Below are stories of every day people just like yourself who found a solution to their bully. No matter what the problem is, Tax Armory is your solution. We fight the bully!


John Doe Florida

Problem:  I had not filed tax returns for years.  The IRS had issued a garnishment on my paycheck.

Solution: Tax Armory prepared the missing returns.  They even prepared returns to replace what the IRS said that I owed.   We filed those returns.   It actually reduced the balance of my taxes.   The garnishment was released.  Tax Armory negotiated an Installment Agreement which fits within my budget.


Jose B. Miami, FL

Problem:   My business had fallen on hard times.   I fell behind on my employment taxes.    An IRS agent sent threatening letters and actually showed up at my place of business.

Solution: Tax Armory filed a Power of Attorney with the IRS.   They talked to the agent so that I was able to focus on my business.  That was a relief.    They made sure my employment tax returns were filed with the agent.  I provided Tax Armory my financial information and they negotiated a payment plan with the IRS.  Now I am back on track.

Miami, FL

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